Used care beds - tested and refurbished by Reharaum

We offer many refurbished high quality care beds or hospital beds from Germany.

You are a dealer and need a larger quantity of high quality care beds? We offer you everything from a single source here. Our care beds are technically inspected and refurbished according to German criteria.

The care beds in our range impress with their high level of comfort, ease of use, personal protection for the resident and excellent hygienic properties. So that you receive a perfect care bed for your end customers.

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More advantages with Reharaum

  • Clean products - Reprocessed and disinfected products
  • Less time needed - checked for completeness
  • For more safety - technical components are checked according to German standards (STK-Check)
  • Sleep quietly - Our Reharaum-Products get 1 year warranty.
  • It's sustainable for you and the planet.

About Reharaum

Any equipment we sell is in excellent cosmetic and technical condition. We offer a 1-year warranty and an 5-year replacement guarantee on parts and accessories for our equipment. Our technicians are available to assist you with choosing any of our equipment and can provide ongoing advice and assistance once you purchase from us. 

We work with local technicians and partners to provide high-quality on-site support for public universities, research institutions, private hospitals and doctors' surgeries. Additionally, we supply these facilities around the world and provide private supply chains.